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Secure Credit Advisors

NUSPO Members can now receive discount credit services by Secure Credit Advisors

Do you or one of your family members have a credit problem? 

If so, please take advantage of Security Credit Advisors discounted services for NUSPO members.

  1. STOP HARASSING PHONE CALLS - Stop the day to day harassing phones calls from debt collectors. Have a peace of mind when the phone rings.

  2. Dispute all collection accounts on credit profile by using consumer rights to put the burden of validation of debt on Debt Collector.

  3. Dispute all delinquent accounts on credit profile by using consumer laws to remove delinquencies from all accounts.

  4. JUDGEMENT / TAX LIEN - Representation on Judgments. Removing  of Judgment and Tax liens from credit profile.

  5. Removal of Inaccurate information such as errors in spelling of name, inaccurate address and even social security numbers.

  6. BANKRUPTCY PREVENTION - Helping consumers avoid Bankruptcy, and improve credit score using consumer laws.

  7. Settlement of outstanding debt, that has been validated by debt collector, at the lowest settlement possible with consumer’s benefit in mind.

  8. Repair damage of identity theft victims by removal of accounts which have been compromised along with taking steps to prevent identity theft from occurring. 

  9. Helping client build new credit, and maintain an excellent credit profile to obtain the highest score possible along with steps to take to management money and life to prevent credit damage again.

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